We are located in Minneapolis, MN


Flower Bouquets & Gifts Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I place an order?

    Please click here to place an order.

  2. Do I have to fill out the order form? Can I just email/message you?

    YES, you have to fill out the order form. This is to help us keep track of your order. The reason we have an order form is because we do not want to limit your choices, we love to arrange your gift especially just for you.

  3. What are your prices?

    Our prices are available on our order form. Custom orders are extra fees and will not guaranteed exact looks. Please click here to see our prices.

    Must fill out the first page to see prices.

  4. Do you deliver?

    No, we do not deliver. Our gifts & bouquets are pickup only for residents who reside in Minnesota.

  5. Do you do custom order?

    Yes, if you have reference(s) to what you would like, please email at info@vflorals.com. However, all custom orders are extra fees and will not guaranteed exact look. 

  6. How do I pay?

    You can pay directly on our order form. It accept Paypal & Credit/Debit card. This is to ensure that you securely paid and your order went through. We will email a confirmation order with pickup from our email: info@vflorals.com

  7. Where are you located?

    We are located in Minneapolis, MN, 55411. Our location is in an accessible area and there are plenty of street parkings. Once we confirmed your payment we will sent out a confirmed invoice with pickup information.

  8. Can I pick up WEEK DAY?

    No, we are not available to make and place an order for week days (Monday through Friday). WEEKEND ONLY. As much as we want to accommodate everyone's schedule, we are a small team. Our availabilities are limited due to weddings, events, and summer flower season. 

  9. If I pickup on a WEEKEND for a weekday, will my flower still be fresh?

    We make our flowers arrangement(s) 1 day before to make sure it is fresh. We source Thursday and Friday for weekend orders. Flowers usually last 4-5 days before it start wilting. However, we cannot guaranteed freshness if you pickup weekend for a weekday. It will be at your own risk after placing an order and picking up from us!

  10. Why can I not click on a weekend date?

    If you are not able to click on a weekend date means that we are not available due to being booked. Which means that we will not take any orders.

  11. What are the pick-up hours?

    Our pick-up hours for weekend is 9:00- 10:00 AM. However it may change depending on our seasonal schedule.

  12. Can I pick up EARLIER or LATER than the pickup time provided?

    As much as we want to accommodate your schedule, we also have a restriction on time ourselves. All our weekend are always booked and to provide gifts and bouquets services, we have open up this time frame for you to pick up. We can be flexible with earlier times but you must contact us to see if we are available. This will not be guaranteed. You are responsible to be here at your schedule time of pickup. It is okay to be late less than 15 min, but you must directly contact our phone number if you are running late! 

    For LATER times as afternoon or evening is not possible due to our own schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience!

  13. How many days in advance should I place an order?

    PLEASE plan ahead! All our flowers are made for order. We recommend placing 3 or more days in advance. If you place Monday - Wednesday your order can be available as soon as the upcoming weekend. Thursday and after will be for the NEXT weekend. Availabilities will be shown in the order form. 

  14. Can I place a last minute order?

    No, we do not accept last minute orders as all orders need time to source materials and fresh flowers. All our gifts & bouquets are made for order and must be placed an advance.

  15. Do you have EXTRA gifts & Bouquets on the weekend?

    No, we do not sell extra bouquets during the weekend. All our flowers are made for order to ensure the best and freshest flowers for you.

  16. What are the difference between size SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE Bouquets?

    Please click on our order form to see photo reference. Number of main flowers will be in descriptions. Number of main flowers does not mean "ROSES", it will depend on florist choice and what we can source during that time.

  17. Can I make changes to my order?

    Depending on the time frame it is not guaranteed that changes are possible. Please carefully review your order before you make an order submission!

  18. Can I cancel my order?

    We understand that things may come up, but you are responsible to contact us as soon as possible if you like to cancel. There will be NO REFUND if we have already source your materials and flowers, whether you take the order or not. We take our gifts & bouquet orders seriously and take time to source the best materials and flowers, if you cancel there is no guarantee that we can refund you. 

  19. I have submitted an order form but did not see any email from you?

    Please be patient and wait 48 hours before messaging us. We are a small team and will try our best to get to your order. If you do not receive any email from us within 48 hours, you are responsible to contact us for an update before the PICKUP DATE. We have multiple occasion where our customers did not "SUBMIT" the final order. There will be an automated order form sent to the designated email that you provided if you have submitted an order.

  20. How do I know if my order has been placed?

    All orders must be paid first! You will receive a confirmation email with your invoice stating that it has been paid and placed. Please check your email!